Close Encounter with the Skies

A while ago, I realized my love for Sky Stories & decided to capture them in my camera. In our busy lives we usually tend to miss the beauty of Mother nature surrounding us. I personally feel that they are the natural healers. I have experienced the calmness & serenity by just sitting & looking at the beautiful things around. It helps me relieve stress & helps me to energize myself to fight back & get to my routine life. I have developed this  hobby of figuring out the stories that the sky writes with the help all that is available to it, Birds, Sun, Clouds,Planes etc. All these combine & blends into a beautiful story.

Last month on my way back from San Fransisco ,I had this beautiful encounter in the sky from my flight. The sky looked like an ocean with huge waves of clouds hitting the shore. The shades of orange, white & grey looked so amazing. It was indeed a beautiful sight & a breathtaking view.. Thank God I didn’t miss it!!!

Sky Stories

Sky Stories2

Sky Stories3





Gir Trip

We went to The Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in 2011. It is the sole home of the Asiatic lions (Panthera leo persica) and is considered to be one of the most important protected areas in Asia due to its supported species.It was  awesome experiencing the open safari & viewing the wild animals in the open. Below are a few captures from the safari & the Junagarh Zoo that I visited.





Rajasthan Trip

Last winter I visited Rajasthan, a state of India, which literally means “Land of Great Kings”.It is a vast state, Unfortunately I could just visit Jasailmer & Jodhpur.I must say that when you visit Rajasthan indeed you feel like a King.Especially visiting the beautifully sculptured & carved Forts & Palaces constructed at different times by the great rulers.Within the the vicinity I visited Khuldhara Village,Khuri,Jaisalmer fort,longiwala,Mehrangarh & Umaid Bhavan.It was great to be at Longiwala,Place where the India Pakistan war took place. I felt a sense of Pride knowing how our soldiers fought. I was very lucky to have an opportunity to spend a night in the Thar Desert at Khuri.It was a very different experience to be completely disconnected with the digital world. No Television,No network coverage. The sunset at the desert was so beautiful.In addition to this,the warm friendly people and their life style and the rich and varied culture of Rajasthan fascinated me a lot.I have captured a few special shots which I have shared here…Hoping to give a glimpse of how beautiful & rich the Places are!!

Mussourie-Ramgarh-Nainital Trip

The much awaited day arrived & I started with my long vacation to Mussourie-Ramgarh-Nainital. I had just heard that these places are known for their scenic beauty. But when I actually reached there I realized that it was more than scenic beauty. Surrounded with mountains, the chirping  of birds, the clear blue skies , the flowers flaunting their colors,the small springs flowing through the mountains. The blues & greens every where. It was all amazing. I tried to capture each and every moment that I could.  I did manage to click the shots that  could express their own story.