Rajasthan Trip

Last winter I visited Rajasthan, a state of India, which literally means “Land of Great Kings”.It is a vast state, Unfortunately I could just visit Jasailmer & Jodhpur.I must say that when you visit Rajasthan indeed you feel like a King.Especially visiting the beautifully sculptured & carved Forts & Palaces constructed at different times by the great rulers.Within the the vicinity I visited Khuldhara Village,Khuri,Jaisalmer fort,longiwala,Mehrangarh & Umaid Bhavan.It was great to be at Longiwala,Place where the India Pakistan war took place. I felt a sense of Pride knowing how our soldiers fought. I was very lucky to have an opportunity to spend a night in the Thar Desert at Khuri.It was a very different experience to be completely disconnected with the digital world. No Television,No network coverage. The sunset at the desert was so beautiful.In addition to this,the warm friendly people and their life style and the rich and varied culture of Rajasthan fascinated me a lot.I have captured a few special shots which I have shared here…Hoping to give a glimpse of how beautiful & rich the Places are!!


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