Close Encounter with the Skies

A while ago, I realized my love for Sky Stories & decided to capture them in my camera. In our busy lives we usually tend to miss the beauty of Mother nature surrounding us. I personally feel that they are the natural healers. I have experienced the calmness & serenity by just sitting & looking at the beautiful things around. It helps me relieve stress & helps me to energize myself to fight back & get to my routine life. I have developed this  hobby of figuring out the stories that the sky writes with the help all that is available to it, Birds, Sun, Clouds,Planes etc. All these combine & blends into a beautiful story.

Last month on my way back from San Fransisco ,I had this beautiful encounter in the sky from my flight. The sky looked like an ocean with huge waves of clouds hitting the shore. The shades of orange, white & grey looked so amazing. It was indeed a beautiful sight & a breathtaking view.. Thank God I didn’t miss it!!!

Sky Stories

Sky Stories2

Sky Stories3