Mango Icecream

It’s absolute summer & I guess we all look out for options to beat this heat. I’m sure Ice-creams could be one of the best options. Initially I had learned making ice-creams which involved making the base. Letting it set for a day & then prepare the actual ice-cream. I always felt that the 2 days wait always made my excitement droop. I prepared this yummy mango ice-cream without really waiting for so long. It is a very simple & a quick recipe. And believe me no compromise with the readymade ice-creams that we buy. Mango Icecream


1. 2 Cups whipping cream 2. ½ cup condensed milk (you can increase the quantity as per the sweetness you want. I don’t like very sweet ice creams) 3. 2 Mangoes (I used Alphonso mangoes) 4. ½ cup milk


1. Blend the mangoes to make a pulp. Keep it aside

2. In a bowl start beating the Whipping cream with a hand blender until it reaches a soft peak

3. Add the condensed milk(Always adjust the sweetness after adding the pulp since the fruit has its own sweetness) & continue beating the cream till it reaches a stiff peak

4. Once the cream reaches a stiff peak add 3/4 of the mango pulp , 1/2 cup milk & continue beating.

5. Add the rest of the mango pulp & mix it with a spatula or a spoon (It gives the swirl effect)

6. Pour the Mixture into an air tight container (Ensure it is air tight else there will be water crystal formation)

7. Freeze it to set for around 7-8 hrs.

Note : How Does the Whipping Cream Peaks look like 😉 Technique-Whipping


5 thoughts on “Mango Icecream

  1. HELP!!
    Hi.. I just followed your recipe.. but made a mistake, I mixed in all of the mango pulp when the whipping cream formed soft peaks.. and then continued to beat for another minute.
    I was afraid, if I continue to beat it further, the cream would form butter, as from my previous experience of whipping cream.
    Would the ice cream turn out well, with the soft peak whipped cream or should I beat it further? How much more?


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