Eggless Black Forest Cake

Eggless Black Forest

The first cake that I baked. It was for my niece’s 2nd birthday. I was a little nervous ,since it was the first time I was baking a cake & that too on a special day. I wasn’t sure how would it turn out, I was afraid that I would end up spoiling her birthday rather than making it special for her. Well it wasn’t a disaster!! 🙂 Thank God… It tasted yum. It boosted up my confidence , that I can bake too & make many more.  I hope this recipe also helps you to make someone’s day special!!



Dry Ingredients:
1. All Purpose Flour – 1¼ Cup
2. Cocoa Powder – 3-4 Tbsp
3. Powdered Sugar – ¼ Cup
4. Baking Soda – 1/2 Tsp
5. Baking Powder -1 Tsp
6. Wet Ingredients: Butter – ⅓ Cup
7. Condensed Milk – ½ Cup
8. Vanilla Extract – 1 Tsp
9. Vinegar – 1 Tsp
10. Milk – ½ cup

1. Whipping Cream – 1 ½ cup
2. Powder Sugar – 3 – 4 tsp
3. Vanilla – 1 tsp
4. Red Cherries – ½ tin
5. Sugar Syrup – you can use the Cherry syrup from the tin
6. Chocolate Shavings


For the Cake:
1. Pre-heat Oven at 180C for around 10 mins.
2. Beat Butter & Condensed milk in a bowl for around 2-3 mins until it is fluffy
3. Add sugar to it & whisk for 2-3 more mins.
4. Add Vanilla + Vinegar & mix well.
5. Add ½ the milk mix well & then add the other half. Keep this wet mixture aside
6. In a separate container sieve in the flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda & mix well.
7. Add the flour (in parts) into the wet ingredients & mix well.
8. Pour the Batter into a Greased 7” or 9” cake tin. Level the batter by tapping the tin twice
9. Place the tin into the Oven on the middle rack & bake for 30 – 35 mins
10. Bake for 30-35 mins (Keep an eye when the cake starts leaving sides & the color starts changing)
11. After 30 mins insert a toothpick in the center, if it comes out clean the cake is done else bake for another 5 mins.
12. Remove the cake from the oven. Let it rest for 10 mins. Then turn it upside down on plate.
Let the cake cool down completely before you start with the icing.

For the icing
1. Make sure that cream is chilled
2. In a bowl add the chilled cream and start to whip the cream using a beater. When the cream reaches a soft peak add the powdered sugar & vanilla.
3. Whip further until it reaches the stiff peak.
4. Refrigerate the cream for around 10 mins. The whipping cream is ready!!
5. Cut cake into three layers horizontally. Transfer the layers to a plate.
6. Apply a wee bit of cream in the center of the turn table and place the bottom most cake layer
7. Brush some sugar syrup over the cake. Now add a dollop of cream and spread a good ½ inch layer
8. Place some cherries (Remove the seeds & chopped).Place another layer and repeat.
9. Now for the final layer take a big dollop of cream and then spread it on top as well on sides. Then make it smooth! Make a thin layer. Now place this in the freezer for 30 mins.
10. After 30 mins, add a good dollop of cream to it and spread using a spatula or a long knife/palette knife and give a good finishing.
11. Now add the remaining cream to a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle. Pipe with circular motion on top which makes rosettes.
12. And pipe and lift on bottom.
13. Sprinkle chocolate shavings all over sides and top.
14. A cherry on the top of each rosette.

There your cake is Ready!!


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